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Bitcoin can be known as the gold standard for any digital currency worldwide. Bitcoin uses the peer-to-peer technology for fast payment.  The first digital currency ever created was bitcoin in the year 2009 by a mysterious man or woman called Satoshi Nakamoto, whose true individuality has not been verified till today.


 bitcoin mining is the process of releasing bitcoins into circulation, like the central bank releases fund to a particular nation.  In essence, it involves solving a computational difficult puzzle to discover a new block, which is added to the block chain. After which a remuneration is giving in the form of bitcoins. As more and more bitcoin is reward, the difficulty of the mining process increases and so bitcoin mined reduces every four years. Mining of bitcoin began back in 2009 with difficulty level of 1.0 as at April 2017 the difficulty level had increase to 4.24 billion.


Many people believe Bitcoin to be the future of currency, and those supporting it say it is a much faster way of payment across the world. Actually its exchange rate against a dollar entices likely traders and investors interested in playing with money.  One of the most relevant reasons backing the growth of bitcoin is the flexibility and alternative to physical currency amongst other commodities like gold.


Bitcoins are accepted in almost every business for either products sold or services render.  A business on the internet can easily accept bitcoin as a means of payment by adding it to the payment option and many customers may take it up. Using bitcoin as a means of payment on an online store works like a credit card or PayPal. Bitcoin payment requires a merchant tool such as Bitpay or Coinbase.

Gambling: Some casinos today cater for bitcoin aficionados making it possible to gamble with bitcoins with option like jackpot, lotteries and other games.

Working for Bitcoins:  if you are unemployed or self-employed at the moment you can earn yourself some bitcoin by taking up jobs that pay in bitcoin. There are so many websites which are dedicated to paying in bitcoins and other digital currency.  Such as:

  • XBTfreelancer: Employers currently posing include coinbase with other hosts of blogging, development, marketing etc. Employers pay freelancers using bitcoin as a means of payment.
  • Coinality: Mainly for freelance developers. Coinality is popularly known as bitcoin freelance market place.
  • com

Profit Payment: bitcoins can also be earned by lending them out to anyone searching for bitcoin and been repaid in the currency. You can lend in three different ways

  • Direct lending to someone
  • Depositing bitcoin in a virtual bank that offers a certain interest rate
  • Through websites that accept peer-to-peer transactions.

Some of these websites that facilitates lending include BitLendingClub, Bitbon and BTCjam.

Simple Ways to Buy and Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin hadn’t achieved much interest in the wonderful world of business and financing prior to the 12 months during 2009. This rose to fameduring the 2011-2012 period when it obtained over 300%. Consequently, capital raising companies and traders all over the world always have kept high respect for cryptocurrency.

During the first-half of 2014, capital raising companies invested $57 million in Bitcoin, accompanied by an additional $73 million in the next quarter which had amounted to a complete of $130 million. This was 50% higher than previous year’s total of $88 million.

These types of figures show certainly that Bitcoin will probably be worth the expense, which usually begs the question, how will you purchase and spend money on Bitcoin?

A recommendation for beginner traders in Bitcoin.

The simplest and least difficult method to spend money on Bitcoin is through acquiring more bitcoins. There are a great number of businesses, primarily in the whole of the US and also overseas, who welcome the trading ofBitcoins (BTC).


Coinbase gives it can customers with BTC at 1% more than the prevailing selling price. Citizens of America have the choice to synchronize their particular Coinbase purses with their bank account. Consequently, potential repayment exchanges are created hassle-free. The corporation likewise provides you the choice of automated bitcoin buying every once in a while. For occasion, if you are interested to buy 50 dollars in bitcoins at the start of every month, Coinbase enables you to auto purchase intended for that quantity.


BitStamp fits certain requirements of a typical bitcoin exchange. Bitcoin functions while an intermediary that allows one to operate with various other users and not the business itself. Right here the exchange is usually larger and you will have an excellent prospect to discover and find someone who is ready to trade along. There can be an initial charge of 5% which may be reduced to 0. 2% in the event that you transact $150 in an interval of 30 days.

Local Bitcoins

Exchanging isn’t the only way of doing business in Bitcoins. Local Bitcoins is usually frequently utilized to get BTC offline. The web site is made to connectwith potential audience and retailers. The bitcoins will be encrypted from the merchant via an escrow and may only be released to purchasers.

Shopping for bitcoins off-line isn’t usually very dependable or protected. Therefore it can more suitable to meet up with the retailers during daytime and allow a buddy tag along in the event if things do not turn out as intended.

Bitcoin is usually not only a modern pattern. Capital raising companies consider Bitcoin to become a good alternative to standard foreign currency over time. You will find lots of methods that you can use in the world of Bitcoin expenditure. As stated just before, BitStamp, Coinbase and Local Bitcoins will be the majority of well-known stations foracquiring bitcoin in USA. After you’ve done the research and figured out through which means you can get the best results, start trading!

Reasons Why Miners Are Leaving Money On The Table To Mine Bitcoin Cash

It was reported in the Bitcoin Magazine that Bitcoin Cash could be encountering a freeze in their blockchain over a short period of time in the coming future. The report was the outcome of an assumption where they considered miners to act according to their self-interest while having a vision only for the short run. In the following weekend of the report, the Bitcoin Cash situation intensified to another level when miners called for a partial emergency difficulty adjustment which led to few significant shift in hash power,  block time periods which were not reliable and also caused inflation to rise.

The story unfolds with another twist in the tale. In present times, Bitcoin Cash is reported to be making less profit than BItcoin in order to undertake to mine. Based on the statement of one of the operators of a mining pool, this situation was created intentionally. Some miners are reportedly working in order to maintain the Bitcoin Cash difficulty as it is now, which is relative to Bitcoins itself. This was done in order to keep the prices of the two coins relatively similar to each other. We can conclude that Bitcoin Cash is being kept less profitable to mine than Bitcoin intentionally.

As explained in the article before, miners are likely to shift to the chain that is most profitable to be mine if they are driven by their short-term incentives to achieve higher finance but they are not influenced by the activities of other miners. Irrespective of the fact that Bitcoin Cash is experiencing lower profits, miners are still continuing to mine and that is taking place at a constant rate as before. Blocks are found to be in the state that it was operating at, the rate of inflation seems to be within the expected range. These facts help to support the fact that the situation Bitcoin Cash is experiencing is a stable situation.

This means miners are leaving money for the sake of Bitcoin Cash to keep it usable but the main question is why is it happening.

A simplified reasoning for the particular situation is mainly due to the fact that miners believe and has claimed that they are likely to see a massive increase in the exchange rate for BCH. On the basis of their predictions, we can figure out that the present miners are willingly taking the risk and are continuing to mine just so that they are able to enjoy the fruits of their labor which they had put in despite knowing the fact that the gamble was too risky for them. Moreover, more miners could be employed for Bash’s sake in order to keep their investment and Bitcoin Cash itself running smoothly.